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Debts in Third World Countries

Debts Third world debt is defined as the debt that is owed by governments of developing or third world countries to international private organisations or foreign governments. The debts owed by these countries include debts that were accumulated during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, others were debts that were obtained prior to their independence. This […]

The Drop the Debt campaign

The Drop the Debt campaign began in 1999, it was tagged Jubilee 2000, it was a social justice campaign that was aimed at forgiving the debt of 35 of the world’s poorest countries, it led to the cancellation of $100 billion debt, thanks to the effort of Ann Pettifor who was the genius behind the […]

What Can You Do?

How YOU can get active! Come to a local meeting and see what we’re working on Volunteer for a Jubilee Fundraiser or Campaign Donate to help Jubilee Oregon achieve its yearly goals  Educate yourself and in turn educate OTHERS! We can do no great things, only small things with great love.-Mother Teresa

Current Issues

Current hot item globally — New York Court Case, Argentina debt and Vulture Fund.  Below is a summary from Jubilee USA Yesterday, February 28th, Jubilee USA stood with the poor and against vulture funds at the New York 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals – the last stop before the Supreme Court. We vigiled outside and […]

Drop the Debt

The world’s poorest countries pay almost $23 million EVERY DAY to the rich world.Jubilee Debt Campaign is demanding an end to the scandal of poor counrties paying money to the rich. Various Jubilee organizations exist internationally working both independently and collectively with the shared goal of global debt cancellation for unjustly indebted countries. Jubilee 2000 was an international coalition […]

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