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Jubilee Oregon Hosts Zambian Visitors

Last October the Jubilee Oregon team played host to our new friends from Zambia, Geoffrey Chongo and Phoebe Moono. The goal of their visit was to re-establish a personal connection between the two Jubilee organizations that started several years ago, and to learn from each other. There were numerous meetings to attend, presentations made by our guests, and get-acquainted discussions at dinner and luncheon venues.  Much was learned and new friendships were forged. Now the challenge for Jubilee Oregon is to develop strategies and plans to carry this relationship into the future. 

Geoffrey Chongo, Jubilee Zambia. Geoffrey Chongo is the Head of Programmes at the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, JCTR; a faith based Civil Society Organization based in Lusaka, Zambia. His responsibilities include staff management, research and advocacy coordination on public resource mobilization, public resource utilization and trade.  Before joining JCTR in 2011, Geoffrey worked for the Zambian Government as a tax inspector for five years. His research interests lies in the area of public policy as it relates to public finance, poverty and inequality issues. He is married with three children: two boys aged 7 and 2 years and a daughter aged nine months.  He received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Zambia and (MA) International Economics and Development at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Berlin in Germany. 

Phoebe Moono,  Jubilee Zambia/Monze.  Phoebe is a facilitator of Jubilee Zambia, Monze chapter and also Basic Needs Basket researcher. She joined the Jubilee Movement in 2004 and became the Secretary for the Monze Committee while still working for World Vision Zambia. This work involved Intensive education to different groups on Zambia’s debt (including its origins, status and our proposed debt mechanisms to the Government); Budget monitoring (projects  funded from debt relief): Roman Catholic Church Social Teaching with emphasis on JCTR values, such as dignity of a human person using the Basic Needs approach. She participates on district committees and has been involved in a number of radio debates. Phoebe is active in her local Roman Catholic church. Phoebe is the mother of five children, one of whom died in 2006.  She is raising her granddaughter who is currently eight years old.  Her two youngest children are in college.  Phoebe has been a widow since 1992.

For an excellent interview with Geoffrey, conducted by the wife of Andrew Hanauer, Jubulee USA Campaigns Director,  Follow this link:

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